PLAYvirtuoso Mella Dee Go From Loops To Full Tracks TUTORIAL

By using step sequencing to open up new creative possibilities and music-making methods, Mella Dee is able to quickly and simply create tracks that will get any dancefloor moving. Learn how he uses these methods to program his drum parts, basslines, chords and melodies as well as his tricks for arrangement to create full-length tunes out of your loops.

Get ready to step up your music as you’ll learn:

  • How to use step sequencing to open up a completely new way to program your music
  • How to build out your drum tracks and program grooves and patterns quickly and easily
  • How step sequencing can also be used to create groovy basslines, chords and melodies
  • The discipline and processes that Mella Dee uses to ensure that he can finish every track he starts
  • How to use arrangement techniques to break out of your loop and turn it into a full-length track
  • How to recognise which of your ideas are working and which aren’t – and when to move on

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