Pickup Music Emily C. Browning An Introduction to Fingerstyle Guitar, Lyric Writing & Singing ( Singer-Songwriter Foundations ) [TUTORIAL]

What you’ll learn
Join your mentor Emily as she breaks down her distinctive and honest approach to songwriting and guitar playing.

  • Use practical theory to fuel your chord progressions
  • Develop your songwriting with lyric-writing challenges
  • Hone your fingerstyle skills with infectious grooves

Your guided learning pathway
In this four-part Master Class, you’ll explore practical songwriting theory, vocal warm-ups, lyric-writing exercises, and John Mayer-inspired fingerstyle guitar grooves as you develop into a full-fledged musical storyteller.

Part I. Understanding Chords and Music Theory
When it comes to songwriting, a little theory goes a long way.

In this section, you’ll learn the numbers system and spice up simple chords with extensions.

Part II. Fingerstyle Grooves
Emily has gained international acclaim from her guitar-driven compositions.

In this section, she pulls back the curtain on how she writes a groove by breaking down two infectious percussive fingerstyle ideas.

Part III. How to Write Better Lyrics
Effective lyrics can leave a lasting imprint in your listener’s mind, but far too many guitarists neglect this aspect of songwriting.

In this section of the class, you’ll learn Emily’s techniques for crafting compelling original verses and choruses.

Part IV. Introduction to Singing
Here’s a cold hard fact for you. Everyone is capable of singing beautifully! In this section, Emily breaks down why you should sing (if you aren’t already) and guides you through exercises and advice for non-singers looking to develop their voice.

Part V. SongSquad
Cap off the class by learning two original songs composed by Emily.

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