PastToFutureReverbs Motown Rhodes Mark 2 [KONTAKT]

Amazing sounding vintage Rhodes MK 2 Electric Piano recorded D.I. through a vintage Neve 1073 Mic-Pre

Are you looking for a mix-ready authentic-sounding Rhodes MK2 vintage electric piano with an analog flavor?

Then, this is for you

Very realistic and analog sounding Rhodes MK2 electric piano for Kontakt

This virtual instrument behaves like a real instrument

Here are the main features:

  •  MOTOWN RHODES MARK 2 for Kontakt 5.5.2 (24bit/48kHz)
  •  easy to use interface
  •  „Round-Robin-behaviour“ and „Every 73 notes + 2 Velocity levels have been sampled“ for more playing realism
  •  mix-ready sound with vintage FX’s recorded to tape
  •  including release samples

Download link