PastToFutureReverbs King Tubby Altec Filtered Delay & Filtered Plus Swept Grampian 636 Spring Reverb WAV

This is a very rare and unique collection for Reggae & Dub Lovers

We found a way to make King Tubby style swept spring reverb using his Altec Passive Filter and Grampian 636 Spring Reverb

During making these we also found a way to create filter delay IRS using the Altec Passive Filter that doesn’t even exist like this in Analog domain

You will get 67 IRS in total!

* Forwards + Backwards Sweep Filter Delays + some bonus stuff including additional spring reverb over them

* Grampian 636 Spring reverb with the Altec Passive filter on every 11 steps: 70/100/150/250/500/1K/2K/3K/5K & 7,5K

* Here comes the best part of it! We also made so many Springs Reverb IRS with the grampian using live sweeping Forwards & And Backwards on the decay time with the Altec Filter a la King Tubby!

We made countless IRs in this way

24Bit/48kHz Wav Files

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