PastToFutureReverbs ES-175 Jazz Guitar [KONTAKT]

After we made the muted jazz guitar we got so many requests for making a normal version of our trusty old Gibson ES-175 Jazz Guitar!

And we made it in the best possible way recording it directly to our 15 IPS Revox A77 Tape recorder.

Yes we went direct into the tape recorder with a VOVOX Cable!

The PAF Pick-ups came to live with the tape.

It sounds so analog and smokey!

We don’t think there is another jazz guitar library who did this before

We recorded every note in 3 different velocity levels including „slide articulation“ at the highest velocity and combined it with our amazing sounding Round Robin script so that you will get 15 Alternative samples per key/note!

Plus we added 26 original fret noise samples to the left side of the keyboard for you to add even more realism!

This Jazz Guitar sounds and plays like a real thing.

We are very proud of this one and we are sure that you will love it too!

We are including also the WAV files if you are not using Kontakt!


For Kontakt 5.8.1 or above

Download link