Omega Station Area 33 SDX Metal Presets Pack #1 Superior Drummer 3 Presets

4 Presets Pack useful for all styles of Metal (Death, Thrash, Heavy, Doom, Speed etc.).

You can get all these presets for 10 euros instead of 16 euros.

SDX Used:

  • Area 33 SDX

Each preset has 12 macro controls to further customize the sound:

  • Kick transient attack
  • Snare transient attack
  • Snare reverb level: reverb level on snare bus
  • Toms transient attack
  • Toms punch: turn it up to get a more “punchy” toms sound
  • Toms reverb level
  • Reverb bus level: rever bus volume level
  • Parallel compression: parallel compression bus (comp) volume level, turn it up to get a more compressed sound
  • Tape saturation: tape saturation drive on output
  • Output punch: turn it up to get a more “punchy” overall output sound
  • Processed: turn it up to get a more processed sound, it raises the busses send to parallel compression
  • Comp makeup gain: compression makeup gain on output

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