Omega Music Library 2 STEMS WAV

The 2nd installment of Omega Music Library introduces an even more polished and soulful sound that will inspire creativity and pull beatmakers and producers out of even the deepest bouts of beatblock. Omega Music Library 2 features Marcus D on keys, synths, & percussion, Gerson Zaragoza on guitar & bass, Adriel “Bobby” Moses on strings & percussion, Seb Zillner on sax & flute, and proudly introduces Seattle/Tokyo veteran jazz vocalist Maya Hatch, a world-class talent who has worked with and co-written songs with jazz and R&B legends like Ron Carter and Babyface, on vocals.

Together, these musicians have created a richly-textured anthology of compositions that cross genres from jazz and soul to pop.

Omega Music Library 2 was recorded exclusively on vintage analog gear including the Rhodes MK1 Electric Piano, Korg Polysix, MiniMoog, Moog Matriarch, Roland MKS-80 and more.

This sample pack offers the option to download full-compositions (mixes), and/or separated stem data of each track. “Mixes” are included in the “Stem” download as well. All mixes and stems come marked with the session’s BPM as well.

As with everything on Omega Music Library, sample clearance is guaranteed. For details on sample clearance protocol, please see our “clearance” section at the bottom of the page.

If you have any questions, feel free to fill out a contact form under our “Contact” tab, and someone will get back to shortly.

All audio files are rendered at 44.1kHz & 16-bit depth rate

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