Novel Music Seeds v1.1 (M4L Devices) [AMXD]

SEEDS is a collection of 8 Max for Live MIDI devices that augment Ableton Live’s virtual playground with endless possibilities for composition, improvisation, and production.

SEEDS places advanced musical concepts at your fingertips, allowing for the creation of complex rhythms, harmonies, and textures with ease. The system includes 2 Clock Devices, 2 Sequencers, 2 Modulators, and 2 Utilities that communicate with each other through a system of virtually connected MIDI input and output ports.

The devices are designed to encourage exploration through stochastic algorithms shaped by your decisions and MIDI input in real time. SEEDS can work alongside your existing Audio and MIDI tracks, or as the main control center for your hardware synths, drum machines, and samplers. Extensive support for Push 2 and 3 controllers is included.

Supports Push 3 (Control and Standalone Modes)

System Requirements:

  • Ableton Live Suite 11.1 and Up


A clock generator with up to four simultaneous outputs, each running at an assigned division of a common main pulse. Features manual and euclidean sequencing options for each clock output.


An experimental clock generator that uses four weights to determine the rate of an output pulse measured in 16th notes. Features a pattern soft lock and fixed mode for more predictable rhythmic phrases.


Novel Music Seeds v1.1 M4L Devices AMXD-ARCADiA screenshotOur flagship polyphonic sequencer that runs up to four independent tracks simultaneously. Polymath is capable of producing classic and experimental types of bass, lead, and chordal sequences through a unique bi-tonal hybrid scale system, multiple input clock pulse combinations, and independent settings and deviations across 8 lanes of sequencer data per track. Various input and output assignments allow Polymath to be the brains of your Live Set.


An advanced polyphonic arpeggiator/sequencer that runs up to four independent tracks simultaneously. Featuring many of the same powerful controls from Polymath, Model sequences your incoming MIDI notes to create unique accompaniment patterns and textures, or surprising melodies that change with your note input. The device includes different modes for sorting incoming notes, including range limiting and inversion. The assignable outputs for each track allow for easy manipulation of complex orchestrations in real time.


Get inspired with this FREE device that creates endless variations on your MIDI clips or live MIDI input. With a few simple controls, you can humanize performances, create new material from your existing clips, and organically build a track’s momentum. Features a pattern soft lock with a 128 step memory buffer for more predictable deviations. In addition, you can map up to 4 parameters in your Live Set for further modulation.


An advanced switcher that sends MIDI note information to four assignable output ports based on stochastic weights. This data can be received on any MIDI/Instrument track in your Live Set when paired with the Hub utility device (included with SEEDS). Each output port has independent octave and delay controls for deeper control and variation. A separate group channel with chance based activation joins together your instruments for fuller textures. Also features a pattern soft lock and fixed mode for more predictable output assignments.


A MIDI sender/receiver utility device that connects with the various SEEDS clock devices, sequencers, and modulators. Features a filter menu to enable and disable different categories of MIDI data from being sent or received.


As the name suggests, this device saves a snapshot of all currently active SEEDS devices in your Live Set. Presets are managed easily with simple save, copy, and delete controls. More advanced features include the ability to load presets with MIDI notes, and a hard sync feature that forces all SEEDS sequencers to jump to the first step when a stored preset is recalled.


Chronology, Polymath, Model, and Selfie ship with custom grid layouts for PUSH 2 and 3, which allows for a more tactile experience while accessing advanced sequencing controls away from the computer.

Supports Push 3 (Control and Standalone Modes)

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