Nairobi Rhythms Sample Pack WAV

Nairobi Rhythms Sample Pack WAV

Introducing our latest collection, ‘Nairobi Rhythms’ – an expertly crafted collection of East African loops & samples. Found in Nairobi, recorded in Nairobi, mixed in Nairobi and performed using East African instruments. Let’s just say, we’re very proud of this one!

Featuring instruments and sounds ranging from the lively Nyatiti to the beautiful Adungu, these rare stringed instruments blend harmoniously with the more familiar sounds of congas, live drums, shakers, and percussion. The unique essence of Nairobi’s music scene is captured in every note and rhythm.

These sounds were brought to life through a collaboration with Supersonic Africa, a renowned company and recording studio in Nairobi, Kenya. The talented musicians from Nairobi who produced these sounds include Benjamin Kabaseke, known for his skill with guitars and the Adungu; Tugi Mlamba, a master of guitars and bass; Sean Peevers, contributing through guitar, keys, bass, and percussion; and Makadem, an expert Nyatiti player. Each artist’s passion and expertise shines through.

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