Music Theory How to use Chords & Scales [TUTORIAL]

Music Theory How to use Chords & Scales [TUTORIAL]

Music Theory is not a set of rules you shouldn’t break. It is a set of tools that allow us to do things.

In this class you will learn the building blocks of music theory and how to take advantage of them in your own musical journey.

Whether you are brand new to music, or you are looking for that next bit of inspiration, the skills and concepts in this course will be invaluable to you. All instruments and vocalists are welcome!

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to use the Circle of Fifths
  • How to recognize intervals
  • What are scales? WHY are scales?
  • How to identify chords
  • How to structure chords using voice leading
  • An understanding of what each mode brings to the table

and so much more!

No matter what instrument you play or whether your voice is your instrument, you will leave this course equipped with the knowledge of how to train your ear as you listen to any type of music.

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