Music Theory From Beginning Up To Modal Systems [TUTORIAL]

Music Theory From Beginning Up To Modal Systems [TUTORIAL]

This 2 hour course is about recognizing connections between serveral items in music theory. Everything, scales, chords such as major, minor in triads or quads and even modes are based on the same basic relationships. We explicitly don’t want to learn them by memorizing, but to understand the system behind them in order to be able to apply to this knowledge directly in live-or playing situations, no matter wich instrument you´re about to play.

Starting with a blank piece of paper this course looks behind the scenes to get a complete look on music as the most beautiful thing and theory as a helping hand to archive your goals for getting a precise view about it for yourself and to interact with your music-pals.

Looking at things that may seem familiar to you with a completely new perspective will give you a simple understanding that you didn’t know before. You think this is too much content for just 2 hours of video material? You will be surprised.

As a lecturer and CEO of a private vocational school for music, I have been imparting this knowledge for over 20 years. With exactly this knowledge of today, I have therefore developed simple perspectives on supposedly complex topics, which let the entire subject of music theory appear in a completely different, new and friendly light.

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