Music Protest Using the Mixing & Editing Tools in Cubase [TUTORIAL]

Music Protest Using the Mixing & Editing Tools in Cubase [TUTORIAL]

If you are just getting started with Cubase this course is a great companion to getting your software setup and ready to use. We’ll also cover some very useful workflow concepts like reusable presets, hot keys and automation techniques. This course’s project is a great way to make sure your software is setup correctly.

This is part of a series of courses aimed at teaching important lessons to anyone who is new to Cubase. Cubase is a powerful audio editing, recording and mixing software package.

This course is focused on tools and features including:

  • CPU Optimization
  • Audio Interfaces
  • Reusable FX Chains
  • Workflow Recommendations

If you already have Cubase setup on your computer, this course will still offer you valuable guidance with Automation, troubleshooting and optimization capabilities under the hood. Please feel free to get in touch with questions. Happy learning!

Project Instructions
In order to make sure you have your Cubase DAW setup correctly and optimized for maximum efficiency, I’ve outlined the following steps to completing this course’s project:

  • Start by installing Cubase and activating your license (using a dongle if necessary).
  • Create a new project using lesson 3 as a guide. Once you have created a project, you can download the MIDI and audio files that accompany this course and follow along in additional lessons.
  • Take steps to optimize your audio interface’s latency settings
  • Take steps to optimize your CPU usage (in the last lesson).
  • Save your project and post a question or tip to the project section of the course.

All students are encouraged to post and ask questions as they make progress on this project. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get direct feedback from me or your fellow students. I’m always available to help and I want to strongly encourage my online students to collaborate, express their questions and I’m convinced that it is the best way to learn.

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