Music Composition For Dummies 3rd Edition PDF

Today’s composers create music for television, film, commercials, and even video games. Music Composition For Dummies brings you up to speed with the theory and technicality of composing music. With easy-to-understand content that tracks to a typical music composition intro course, this book will teach you how to use music theory to write music in a variety of forms.

You’ll discover the latest tech tools for composers, including composing software and online streaming services where you can publish your musical creations. And you’ll get a rundown on the world of intellectual property, so you can collab and remix fairly, while retaining all the rights to your own creations.

  • Get a clear introduction to music theory and songwriting concepts
  • Learn about composition best practices for movies, TV, video games, and beyond
  • Explore sample music to help you understand both artistic and commercial composition
  • Launch into the latest technologies to mix and share your creations

Great for music students and aspiring artists, Music Composition For Dummies, is an easy-to-read guide to writing and producing all kinds of tunes.

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