Multiton Bits Layered Hip-Hop Drums WAV

Multiton Bits Layered Hip-Hop Drums WAV

“Layered Hip-Hop Drums” pack is our latest effort in getting that big sounding vintage MPC beats right at your fingertips! What you will find here is a huge selection of multilayered drums one-shots, result of weeks of detailed sound design work. Here is also a number of complex and different sounding 4bar loops featuring multiply variations and transitions inside one file for maximum usability! All sounds are meticulously edited for best quality results and are more than suitable for MPC playing style. Beside vintage hip-hop productions these samples are great for retro sounding breakbeat and lo-fi hip-hop tracks!

This concept came to our head as people often ask us how to achieve that “bigger than life sounding” beat when it comes to 90s and 2000s hip-hop drums. Technique is known as multilayering of audio, for example combining kick with another percussion and vinyl noise. Beside that creative use of audio effects also plays a role in making of big but still organic sounding drums you could hear in bunch of hip-hop tracks at the time. Simply said it is a time consuming but rewarding process of tweaking, designing sound by sound and adjusting tonal properties to get new compact sounding kits. We hope you will like our results and find this pack a keeper!

112 Samples

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