Montage TIDES Organic Electronica WAV

Montage TIDES Organic Electronica WAV

The cyclical relationships in nature are an endless source of inspiration across all forms of art, especially music and film. The duality of life and death, rain and drought, and the rise and fall of the tide are metaphors for the ebbs and flows of life. TIDES: Organic Electronica is a collection of sounds that derives from the harsh yet beautiful marriage between these endless cycles that define the delicate harmony of life on earth.

A brain child of LA based composer and musician Giosué Greco, TIDES is an emotionally polarized electronica sample pack. Expect to hear angelic pads, flowing harps, and triumphant horns that represent the highest highs as well as dark drones, ominous synths, and gritty basses for the lowest of the lows. Built for a film score to support any script with emotional peaks and valleys or any cinematic music production in need of emotional highs and lows, these samples are a powerful and versatile collection. Delve into this rich ecosystem of sounds and create something profound inspired by nature.

243 Samples

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