Montage Redemption Trail: Vintage Western WAV

The road ahead winds through vast plains and deserts with only a few brief outposts and saloons to rest your head. The days are long and hot, the wind whips your face as your horse gallops through an endless sea of sand and grass that stretches to the horizon. Hawks soar through the air and a promise hope that a new life lies on the other side. Welcome to the cinematic world of Redemption Trail.

Redemption Trail: Vintage Western is Montage’s first classic western sample pack inspired by scores from Ennio Morricone like The Good the Bad the Ugly, One Upon A Time In The West, and some of Clint Eastwood’s most famous films. Splice assembled crew of in-house composers and friends at LA’s Sound Factory studio to pay homage to these great scores with a sample pack that met the moment.

Splice’s producer and pianist Josh Robertson, vocalist Dhruv Goel, guitarist Carey Clayton, accordion and musical saw player Dan Cantrell, and vocalist Kathryn Shuman came together to create a truly vintage western sound that transports you to the 1960’s and 70’s. Expect powerful guitar chord structures, plenty of vintage percussion like shells, triangle, and cowbells, as well as wandering vocals and whistles that get you in the mood to duel. All of these instruments and more come together for dozens of ready to drag and drop song starters that instantly gives your track the giddyup it needs.

Dive into these classic sounds today and relive the sound of the American West.

259 Samples

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