Montage Camino Nocturno: Dystopian Journey WAV

For this huge sample pack, Splice teamed up with two Composer Diversity Collective members; Award-Winning – Latin Grammy Nominee Puerto Rican Composer and producer, Ángel Vázquez, and Mexican American composer, producer, songwriter, and guitarist, Pablo Langaine. These partners in crime created a new cinematic world of sounds that pays homage to their Latin American folklore heritage, fused with contemporary music expressions.

Using autochthonous instruments such as the Mexican Jarana, Requinto, Puerto Rican Cuatro, Charango, and a 7-string Baritone Guitar, Ángel and Pablo, perfectly blend them with a modern string quartet: cello, viola, and violins, creating an emotional and deep journey of sounds.

Inspired by scores from TV shows and video games like The Last Of Us and Fallout, Camino Nocturno: Dystopian Journey is a truly visual, dark, epic, and spiritual ride through post-apocalyptic Latin America. With its authentic sound palette, this fictional score describes a story set in 2053, thirty years into a pandemic provoked by an AI virus, which causes its hosts to transform into human-killing robots and witness the collapse of society. Emotionally deep, these samples are rich in tradition and personality and can vastly contribute to any film, TV, or video game score as well as musical productions. Take a deep dive into this exciting present-day sonic experience and produce top-notch music from tradition to innovation.

Additional Session Musicians:

  • Pablo Hopenhayn – Violin and Viola
  • Karen Garrity – Cello

390 Samples

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