Moment Rave Apparitions, an emma ecstasy moment WAV

Producer and; DJ emma ecstasy focuses her practice on revealing emergent beauty within a system of dancers. A mainstay of the Seattle nightclub scene, she curates a monthly series called Bliss, seamlessly floating between worlds of transcendent trance, house, and techno.

‘Rave Apparitions’ is inspired by this same emergent beauty that emma ecstasy has found on the dancefloor. Approaching the sample pack from a DJ’s perspective, these sounds are engineered to make people move, synthesizing elements new and old across decades of dance music. Minimal, spacious sound design meet club-ready drums, harsh acid basslines give way to euphoric trance soundscapes. It’s a set of tools to make rave tools and a guide for the moments of serenity in between.

“Upon downloading this pack, one becomes a medium of the dancefloor. you will enter a trance, and make contact with the spirits of the rave.”

183 Samples

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