Moment Princess Girlfriend 3, a tracey brakes moment [WAV FXP]

Moment Princess Girlfriend 3, a tracey brakes moment [WAV FXP]

In the last installment of the “Princess Girlfriend” series, our scythe-wielding sonic sorceress let 300 sounds loose into the hands of the music-making masses…leaving a trail of computer cries, catchy melodies, and inflated sonics in her wake, topping the Splice charts for months. Now, synth warlock Tracey Brakes is back after a year of hysterical tinkering – as well as collaborations with artists such as Bring me the Horizon – with the highly anticipated ‘Princess Girlfriend 3,’ this time with even more emphasis on variety and sonic exploration.

In this episode, we find our heavy-bass heroine is still hacking and slashing away on her journey to eclectic sound-dom, and she’s made a magical, horned and hoofed friend along the way. Together, with Tracey’s sound design savvy and her pony friend Smart Water’s unicorn magic, they form an unstoppable force of musical creativity.

She has since moved out of her liminal-esque apartment complex in gm_construct, to a hut fit for a witch in the mountainous countryside of gm_fork, where we convened for comment on her latest release:

“Ever since that first pack was released on r/drumkits all those years ago, the goal has remained the same. The wonky basses, gooey effects, ludicrous snares, and evocative melodies remain ever variant in their color and creation, and all serve the purpose of wanting to inspire people to create work that is as personally honest with themselves as possible. Whether you are inspired to use your own equipment to create entirely new sounds, or use the ones I provide to switch things up, my job is done when you are inspired to create work that entirely speaks to you as a unique and creative individual! Make what you want forever because the world will be better from it.”

294 Samples, 26 Presets

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