Moment music, a Little Snake moment WAV

Canadian producer Little Snake’s work creates freeform ties between a seemingly endless variety of influences – including microsound, math rock and digital cumbia – bound by an attention to textural experimentation, intricate sonic structures, and dance-friendly electronic backgrounds. The Brainfeeder alum’s work has earned them collaborations with Flying Lotus and; Amon Tobin, a CTM festival Berghain set, and music on GTA radio.

‘music+’, in Little Snake’s own words, is “a culmination of everything I’ve been excited about over the last couple years, stripped to its individual layers and re-packaged as polished high-fidelity gems.” Slipstick synthesis, physical modeling, additive modulation, and spectral resynthesis come together in excessively technical routings to create non-replicable tonalities, acoustically identical to something organic like rubber and metal, but theoretically unlike anything of this earth. It’s the perfect drag-and-drop source for Deconstructed Club, Grime, IDM, and all things experimental.

“.. Enjoy ! – LS”

192 Samples

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