Moment How to Live Forever, a thayerperiod moment [WAV FXP]

Moment How to Live Forever, a thayerperiod moment for Sylenth [FXP]

Vermont-based producer thayerperiod has made waves on producer-tok for his gift of sound recreation. Alone in his bright green bedroom he has amassed over 150,000 followers for videos like “How to Make *THE* BNYX Bass” and “How ‘By the Pound’ by Destroy Lonely was Made.” In addition to micro-education in 30-second batches he’s also released multiple self-produced albums, the latest being ‘Chasing Glory’.

‘How to Live Forever’ brings the same alchemical fervor, this time teaching a much more valuable skill: immortality. In this pack, the sound-cloning scholar gives us a whopping 96 anti-aging Serum presets and a lifetime supply of melody loops. Modern sounds for all song types, these timeless presets will help maintain a youthful glow for years to come. From deep reese basses to ambient pads, effortless leads to foolproof keys, every fundamental of melody-making is covered.

Inscribed atop the tome accompanying this collection it reads: “Music is the power to communicate and connect with humans across the globe. Sound is the tool used to unlock this power. My goal is to help as many people as possible to unlock this divine connective force inside us all. Sound design rulez.”

96 Presets

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