Moment FUZZ! a galen tipton moment [WAV FXP]

Under her given name or her alias recovery girl, Ohio native galen tipton has released on Orange Milk Records, Deskpop, and Unseelie, working with everyone from experimental music giants such as Giant Claw and; Holly Waxwing, to underground pop icons like Lil Mariko and; GFOTY. As a sound designer she’s worked with Adult Swim, Team Rolfes, and a number of Splice packs including ‘brain scratches’ on Moment. Across all her work, the focus is on finding the connective tissue between the challenging and the accessible, always with a strong sense of play.

In her latest installment, galen’s sonic obsession has sent her deep down the rabbit hole of ‘FUZZ’. Harnessing the power of rare and boutique fuzz pedals she’s dialed in an expert tone collection that oozes the essence of fuzz. Blown out analog drum machines, world-tearing acid bass, shoegaze and stoner-rock guitars, and enveloping waves of texture that strike a balance between the pedals’ raw energy and a pop-trained ear.

“Over the past few years I have been collecting strange fuzz pedals simply because I couldn’t find anything digitally that hit that richly textural and unpredictable nature of a good fuzz. I wanted people to be able to make their own blown out messes without breaking the bank. I hope they inspire you as much as they have me and I can’t wait to hear the ungodly noises you create! Crank that gain and use responsibly.”

314 Samples, 4 Presets

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