Moment #880808, a Blood of Aza moment WAV

Moment #880808, a Blood of Aza moment WAV

Blood of Aza is a leftfield producer and DJ based in London who’s risen to cult status in the post-club scene over the past few years through a series of wave-making singles and gut renovations of pop tracks pushed beyond recognition, garnering support from pioneers like Aphex Twin and labels such as Soul Feeder and Safe Cloud Records. Her latest release ‘EMBER’ once again challenges the expected format as an album-length all-original mix.

‘#880808’ captures a slice of that same speaker tearing sound design of Blood of Aza’s blood red world. Drenched in distortion, resonant implosions and soul-crushing bass damage meet moments of pensive ambience amidst the wreckage. While sorted into kicks, snares, loops, and so on, the sounds often refuse singular definitions and become interchangeable texture ammunition: snares full of sub and basses bordering on harsh noise, all heavily compressed never to dip below the maximum volume.

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