ModeAudio Spring New Age Ambient Loops WAV

ModeAudio Spring New Age Ambient Loops WAV

‘Spring – New Age Ambient Loops’ from ModeAudio drifts gently into your studio like the soft breeze of an April’s day spent in the woodlands. Immerse yourself in the deeply calming and restorative sounds of our latest Ambient sample pack!

Bathe your soul in 402MB of royalty-free music loops, lovingly steeped in serene ambience designed to bring a truly relaxing musical experience through your music.

Feel the tension melt away as you explore the core 105 music loops, spanning warm, analog synth pads, delicate plucked strings, cool pianos, sedate instrumental drones, playful tuned percussion, organic rustling textures and deeply soothing basses.

Breathe life into your music with the included set of field recordings, recorded from all corners of the globe, taking in melodious bird chirps, calming rain, tranquil waterways, and mellow breezes through tall trees and beyond.

Join us on our sonic journey to a place of limitless calm and sow your next musical seedling – download Spring – New Age Ambient Loops today!

105 Samples

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