ModeAudio Meteorology Ambient Pop Loops WAV

ModeAudio Meteorology Ambient Pop Loops WAV

‘Meteorology – Ambient Pop Loops’ swirls from the ModeAudio studio like a vast cloudscape drifting above an island, alternately providing shade and allowing the sun’s rays to pour down on the land below in a majestic dance of elemental sound and light.

Surrender your sound to the sheer force of this collection of music loops – a captivating fusion of deep, emotive Pop melodics and subtle, hypnotic Ambient atmospheres and textures. Pour out the contents of the main loops folder and discover 211 loops spanning quaking drum patterns and basslines providing a solid rhythmic foundations for rich drones, dense Cinematic textures and spellbinding synth melodies, all ready and waiting to be stacked up into deft soundscapes within your next DAW session.

Survey the stratosphere and feel sound rain down to the ground like gentle mist from the clouds – download ‘Meteorology – Ambient Pop Loops’ today!

211 Samples

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