ModeAudio Diffraction Ambient String Loops WAV

ModeAudio Diffraction Ambient String Loops WAV

‘Diffraction – Ambient String Loops’ from ModeAudio illuminates the night sky like a radiant beacon, piercing the darkness with its intense, dazzling rays, emitting waves of soothing ambient sound as it shimmers in the heavens above.

Let your spirit ascend as you bathe in 940MB of royalty-free, texturally-rich Ambient string samples, pulsating bass drones, rhythmic percussion patterns and rustling noise FX layers.

Each sound can be looped seamlessly to your heart’s content, and with 180 music loops in total, spanning 85 to 120 Bpm, there’s plenty of sonic material to build evolving soundscapes and subtle movement into your music with ease.

Fusing our very own custom processing chains with the timelessly elegant sound of orchestral strings, we’ve made sure this vibrant pack brings the past into the present and beyond, where Classical, acoustic vibrations are met with contemporary, cutting-edge electronics!

Cast your musical ambitions skyward and channel the celestial harmony of the heavens in your productions – download Diffraction – Ambient String Loops today!

180 Samples

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