ModeAudio Crush LoFi Drum Samples WAV

ModeAudio Crush LoFi Drum Samples WAV

‘Crush – LoFi Drum Samples’ from ModeAudio will rattle the very foundation of your studio, sending sonic shockwaves through your DAW and sampler with 12bit hammer blows of thundering percussive punch!

Turn your speakers into conduits of the crunch with this choice of 376 royalty-free drum samples, melding the grit of analog hardware and sheer power of modern transient shaping to produce a set of drum sounds with true LoFi heft and flavour.

We’ve sampled our favourite vintage drum machines to create this explosive selection, dialling up the warmth and thump using our arsenal of processing tools. Take your pick from thunderous 808 kicks, snapping snares and crispy claps through to saturated hi hats, dirty toms and far beyond.

Send your rhythms bursting into the sky like volcanoes erupting from the Earth’s crust – download ‘Crush – LoFi Drum Samples’ today!

376 Samples

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