ModeAudio Ceremony Ambient Guitar Loops WAV

ModeAudio Ceremony Ambient Guitar Loops WAV

‘Ceremony – Ambient Guitar Loops’ from ModeAudio beams from your speakers like the first delicate rays of a new dawn, basking your productions in the soaring sonic serenity of instrumental drones and 6-string textures.

Focussing on the timeless timbre of the electric guitar, this epic, 1GB collection of royalty-free music loops delivers a deeply colourful and richly delicate palette of sounds to layer into your next soundscape.

Feeding our beloved Fender Telecaster through a Fender tube amp alongside an assortment of analog reverbs, delays and custom processing devices, this evocative set of 74 soaring chords, fluttering melodies, rippling riffs and rumbling bass drones carefully evolve and loop seamlessly for ultimate production flexibility as they play within your arrangement.

Drawing on our vast libraries of field recordings and found sounds, we’ve also meticulously crafted 26 texture loops to accompany the core guitar samples, offering an exquisite choice of rustling sonic flavours to be layered beneath and above the main set of Ambient loops.

Take up your place in the proceedings and craft your own deeply emotive Ambient soundtracks today with ‘Ceremony – Ambient Guitar Loops’!

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