Mix Elite Ultimate Collection of MIDI CHords & Harmonies

200+ Amazing Harmony MIDIs that are going to get you INSTANTLY INSPIRED to make your Next Track. Drag & Drop and get the fundamental of your song ready in seconds – effortlessly.

Perfect Harmonies In ONE CLICK
Do you find yourself stuck when starting a new song and looking for “this perfect harmony” or “this perfect chord progression”? This is where it ends. For good. Over 200+ Amazing Harmonies and Chords that work in every single musical genre. There are no simple triads and easy chords. This is our ULTIMATE Collection of Harmonies and Chords.

200+ Best Chords & Harmonies
It’s not a triad-type of pack, it’s not a copy & paste in every key (we could then tell its 2400+ MIDIs) – It’s our Ultimate Favorite Chords & Progressions for EVERY Genre

Inspiration In SECONDS
Just Drag & Drop one of the 200+ MIDIs and get Instantly Inspired for your next track! You will use it DAILY.

Hand-Crafted For All Genres
In this pack you get Chords & Harmonies for Trap, House, Hip-Hop, RnB, EDM – so whatever the Genre – we’ve got you!

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