Mi3r Pack Bundle Vol.1 [WAV FXP VITAL]

Mi3r Pack Bundle Vol.1 [WAV FXP VITAL]

We produced 500 samples.
Originally I made it as a material for phase plant, so it contains a lot of strange sounds (?) that seem useless.

Try using sampler and granular.
There are also FLP and serum presets (5) that can create nice sounds, so please download them if you are interested.

I will do my best to distribute a better quality sample pack than vol.1 for “free”, so please look forward to it! !

A sample pack of 100 loud kicks(?).
A little extra is included.
feel free to use
It’s free, so don’t miss it! ! ! ! ! !

Serum preset 113
Vital preset 22
Stay tuned for Vol.2! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

The EXTRA file is a sound that has been lost or management has become sloppy.
EXTRA+ sounds nice.
Serum’s Wavetable, Vital’s LFO a bit.

If you have time, please put this kind of sound in the next sample pack! That file in Vol.3 was good, so I want you to make it again! Make a preset for this synth! ! If you have any requests, please contact DM. We will do our best to accommodate you.

*Some of the sounds I made due to a daw bug were played at high speed/low speed, so there are unnecessary fast and slow sounds. It has been corrected as far as it can be corrected.

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