Melodic Handpans by CallumCantSleep [WAV MIDI]

Melodic Handpans by CallumCantSleep [WAV MIDI]

Unleash the ethereal magic of handpans with the symphony of captivating sounds inside “Melodic Handpans” by CallumCantSleep! Dive into 480 samples including ambient melodies, hypnotic rhythms, and otherworldly tones from this truly innovative and one-of-a-kind instrument!

Melody Loops: Immerse yourself in a collection of beautifully played melodies that allow you to feel the resonant vibrations of Handpans in every loop, while adding a touch of serenity and mystique to your compositions with its rich, ethereal quality.

Rhythmic Loops & Processed one shots: Fuse traditional with contemporary using rhythmic loops and one shots that blend Handpan beats with progressive electronic production. The result is a dynamic fusion of organic and synthetic sounds, providing a unique and modern edge to your tracks.

Unprocessed one-shots and hits: Raw and unfiltered, the unprocessed samples give you the authentic sound of Handpans in their purest form. Use these sharp, tonal one-shots and full length hits as building blocks for your creativity, allowing you to shape and mold each note to fit seamlessly your productions.

“Melodic Handpans” by CallumCantSleep blends tradition and innovation through its professionally recorded Handpan samples. This exclusive and scarce instrument is a result of meticulous craftsmanship, so no two handpans are exactly alike! Yet these authentic samples make a versatile toolkit that adapts to any genre through flexible loops and one shots. Let the soul-stirring melodies and rhythmic nuances of Handpans inspire your creativity, get yourself some “Melodic Handpans” today!

Please note: The drums in the demo are from ‘Delicious House Drums & Loops by Bound to Divide’

  • 1.57GB Total Size
  • 480 Total Contents
  • 160 Melody Loops
  • 50 Rhythmic Loops
  • 50 Textures
  • 50 Unprocessed One Shots
  • 45 FX
  • 45 Reversed One Shots
  • 30 Processed One Shots
  • 30 Raw Hits
  • 20 MIDI

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