Mastering Music Production: Create Your Own Music [TUTORIAL]

Mastering Music Production: Create Your Own Music [TUTORIAL]

Elevate Your Artistic Voice with Songwriting, Mixing, Vocals, and More in this Comprehensive Music Creation Journey.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understanding Artist Branding
  • Mastering Work through
  • Mixing Multiple Audio Tracks
  • Licensed Your Music Brand and Make Money
  • Song Writing: Lyrics and Melody
  • Song Writing: Brainstorming and Co-Writing
  • Studio Mic Techniques
  • Vocal Recording and Voice Pitch Singing

No prior experience is required! This course welcomes all music enthusiasts eager to delve into music production. A passion for music and a desire to learn are the only prerequisites. Bring your creativity and curiosity; let’s embark on this exciting journey of music creation together!

Are you ready to dive into the captivating world of music creation? Welcome to “Mastering Music Production: Create Your Music,” a comprehensive course designed to empower aspiring musicians, songwriters, and producers to unleash their creativity and craft their unique sound.Led by accomplished music producer Leland Grant, this course offers a holistic approach to music production, covering essential elements from artist branding to songwriting, mixing, and monetization strategies.Course Content:Introduction: Begin your journey with an overview of the course and its objectives, setting the stage for your exploration into music production.Understanding Artist Branding: Explore the significance of artist branding in the modern music industry and how it shapes your identity as a musician.Creating a Demo: Learn the art of creating a compelling demo that effectively showcases your musical talent and individual style.Mastering Workthrough: Understand the critical process of mastering in music production and its impact on refining the quality of your tracks.Mixing Multiple Audio Tracks: Dive into techniques for seamlessly mixing multiple audio tracks to create professional-grade compositions.Licensing Your Music Brand and Making Money: Discover strategies for licensing your music and exploring various avenues for monetizing your creative work.Songwriting: Lyrics and Melody: Immerse yourself in the craft of songwriting, focusing on the creation of impactful lyrics and captivating melodies.Songwriting: Brainstorming and Co-Writing: Explore innovative brainstorming techniques and collaborative songwriting approaches to fuel your creative process.Studio Mic Techniques: Acquire fundamental microphone techniques crucial for studio recording, elevating the quality of your vocal and instrumental recordings.Vocal Recording: Delve into the intricacies of capturing captivating vocal performances, mastering techniques to bring out the best in your singing.Voice Pitch Singing: Explore advanced vocal pitching techniques to refine and enhance your singing performances.Who Can Benefit:This course caters to the aspirations of budding musicians, songwriters, and producers. Whether you’re taking your first steps into music creation or seeking to refine your existing skills, this course provides valuable insights and techniques.Meet Your Instructor – Leland Grant:Leland Grant, an esteemed music producer with extensive industry experience, guides you through this enriching learning experience. His expertise and practical knowledge will empower you to navigate the complexities of music production, nurturing your creative potential.Join us on this transformative journey of musical exploration and expression. Enroll now and start shaping your musical destiny!


Section 1: Introduction

  • Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Artist Branding and Creating a Demo

  • Lecture 2 Understanding Artist Branding
  • Lecture 3 Creating a Demo

Section 3: Mastering and Mixing Audio Post Production

  • Lecture 4 Mastering Work through
  • Lecture 5 Mixing Multiple Audio Tracks

Section 4: Publishing and Royalties

  • Lecture 6 Licensed Your Music Brand and Make Money

Section 5: Song Writing

  • Lecture 7 Song Writing: Lyrics and Melody
  • Lecture 8 Song Writing: Brainstorming and Co-Writing

Section 6: Introduction to Studio Mic Techniques

  • Lecture 9 Studio Mic Techniques

Section 7: Vocal Recording and Voice Pitch

  • Lecture 10 Vocal Recording
  • Lecture 11 Voice Pitch Singing

This course caters to aspiring musicians, budding songwriters, and producers eager to dive into music creation. Whether you’re a novice starting your musical journey or an enthusiast seeking to refine your skills, this course provides invaluable insights and techniques to elevate your music production expertise.

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