Mark Sargison Kaleidoscope Vol.1 Guitar Loops WAV

Mark Sargison Kaleidoscope Vol.1 Guitar Loops WAV

Kaleidoscope Vol 1 is the first collection of samples from Mark Sargison and is aimed at electronica and IDM producers who are more adventurous in their approach to making music. All of the sounds were lovingly created using a huge range of sound sources and were processed using techniques that I have developed over a fifteen year period.

The brief I set myself when making these samples was to produce samples in the vein of artists such as Boards of Canada, Bibio and Four Tet but also more abstract electronica artists such as Fennesz, Tim Hecker and Seekae. Although these artists were an influence on their production, the final samples are still unique enough to be used within a wide range of musical genres.

This collection contains samples of three different tempi, 80BPM, 110BPM and 140BPM. These tempi were selected as most types of electronica can be produced with them. All of the samples are loops, although some are much longer and have been created in this way so that there is a range of tones and patterns within a single sample.

This library and the others in the Kaleidoscope Vol 1 collection are designed to inspire your creative working process and be starting points for music making. The samples are meant for creative use and although can be used in their original form, are intended to be chopped up and manipulated.

The library contains 57 WAV loops recorded at 44.1kHZ and 24bits. The example below uses sounds from across the entire Kaleidoscope Vol 1 series.

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