Marcos Ciscar Surf Guitar [KONTAKT]

Inspired by the sound of electric guitars in surf music, “Surf Guitar” is a simple, yet effective instrument that lets you add a surfy mood to your production. It offers a selection of electric guitar chords performed while altering the whammy bar.

  •  Guitar used: Gretsch
  •  Recording method: Line cable, no amp. 24-bit – 44,1KHz.
  •  Reverb IR: Spring Reverb

Key switching:
– Key switch – normal mode: A0
This enables six octaves of various chords.

– Key switch – suspended mode: A#1
This enables three octaves of various suspended chords.

Octave layering – normal mode:

  •  C1-B1: Major chords
  •  C2-B2: Major seventh chords
  •  C3-B3: Dominant seventh chords
  •  C4-B4: Major chords with added sixth
  •  C5-B5: Minor chords
  •  C6-B6: Minor chords with added dominant seventh

Octave layering – suspended mode:
C1-B3: A selection of sus4, sus2 chords and various combinations with a dominant seventh.

All keys were recorded but the final selection of chord takes was based upon the quality, evenness and mood in the sound.

The FULL version of Kontakt v5.8.1 or above is required!

Download link