Magix Massive Drum & Bass WAV

MAGIX presents “Massive Drum & Bass” – elevating any music production with a curated collection of loops that encapsulate the raw energy and complex rhythms defining drum & bass. Craft tracks that pulse with adrenaline, effortlessly infusing your music with the distinctive vibe of the genre.

Soundpacks from MAGIX contain full orchestral and/or song compositions, broken down into stems or individual samples, with each instrumental stem and sample available in 7 different tonal variations (for example, one bass loop will be available in A, Bb, C, D, E, F and G).

Product Details:

  •  91 Bass Loops (13 Loops in 7 Pitches)
  •  3 Drum Kits with Variations
  •  98 FX Loops (14 Loops in 7 Pitches)
  •  7 Pad Loops (1 Loop in 7 Pitches)
  •  21 Sequence Loops (3 Loops in 7 Pitches)
  •  133 Synth Loops (19 Loops in 7 Pitches)
  •  384 Total Loops labelled 185 BPM

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Demo Preview: