Lywie Nemo (Full Kit) [MULTIFORMAT]

Imagine yourself taking a deep dive into the vast ocean of musical creation. Every sound, every texture, every beat is a sensory journey that transports you to the depths of your imagination. With a wide range of engaging textures, pulsating drum tones, evocative soundscapes, phrases of organic and processed instruments, recorded vocals, percussion and drum loops, etc… Nemo is truly a sonic treasure.

In this sonic dive, you’ll encounter a variety of tones – from the sweetest and calmest, echoing the tranquility of the sea on a serene morning, to the darkest and most mysterious, evoking the hidden secrets in the depths. Each sound has been meticulously crafted to ignite your creativity and inspiration, offering a multitude of possibilities for your musical compositions.

  • Drums (130)
  • Earcandies (100)
  • Melodic Oneshots (101)
  • PercLoops & DrumLoops (73)
  • Phrases (211)
  • Soundscapes (50)
  • Textures (103)
  • Vocals (108)
  • Prelude Pack (100 extra sounds)


  • Beskar texture kit (164 sounds)
  • 184 extra sounds
  • MIDIs I created to chop my textures
  • 3 Exclusive tutorials on texture crafting
  • Presets I use to make my textures

Every single sound has been meticulously designed and polished to perfection, ensuring that your tracks stand out with an extremely unique touch.

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