Lucid Samples Funktronic Loops

Lucid Samples Funktronic Loops WAV

If you’re looking for interesting drum loops at a reasonable price, you have found it. Funktronic Loops is a set of 1171 drum loops in electronic, groove, funky or techno style. Each is divided into the original and the mastered version. Original versions are characterised by increased dynamic, and the mastered versions are more powerful. Depending on the kind of sound you need, you can choose whichever version you want. Loop pace is between 73-150 BPM.

Funktronic Loops includes

  • 18 Ambient Loops
  • 59 Electronic Loops
  • 114 Funky Loops
  • 37 Funky Hip Hop Loops
  • 110 Groove Loops
  • 71 Hi-hat Loops 1
  • 59 Hi-hat Loops 2
  • 39 Percussion Loops
  • 11 Snare Roll
  • 67 Techno Loops

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