Just Sound Effects Gore Mini Pack WAV

Just Sound Effects Gore Mini Pack WAV

Offering a curated selection of gore sound effects, the GORE MINI PACK is ideal for adding intensity to any combat or horror project. You’ll find pre-designed sounds, as well as source recordings for creating and layering your own sounds. To capture the perfect splatters, drips and bone breaks, we’ve smashed and ripped various fruits and vegetables during the recording process. Make your fight scenes truly memorable or design blood-curdling organic mutations.

Designed Sounds

  • 14 Files
  • 81 Sounds


  • 42 Files
  • 391 Sounds


Well-organized sound libraries improve your workflow and save a lot of time. That’s why our sound effects are categorized according to the Universal Category System and embedded with rich descriptive metadata.

The UCS aims at a consistent categorization of sound effects, a uniform file name structure and easier maintenance of a sound effects library.

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