Jubilee's Snack Pack WAV

Jubilee’s Snack Pack WAV

Jubilee has been staying up all night for as long as anyone can remember. She grew up in South Florida on the sounds of Miami bass, freestyle, and dirty south rap blasting from local radio stations like Power 96 and 99 Jamz. As a teen, she traveled to raves up and down the coast, absorbing Florida’s uniquely regional palette of breaks, electro, and drum & bass.

By the time she moved to New York City and started frequenting drum & bass parties like Direct Drive and Konkrete Jungle, D&B was already becoming a gateway drug to a love of other UK underground styles such as grime, garage, dubstep, and UK funky.

You can hear the influence of all this music on Jubilee’s debut album, 2016’s After Hours. It’s soaked in 808s and 909s, fog machines, and laser rays. In 2019, she followed it up with her sophomore LP, “Call for Location,” another collection of late-night anthems and drum machine workouts. The album took three years to put together, as Jubilee burned the midnight oil in the studio.

This pack is a night owl’s dream. Let the midnight oil as you explore Jubilee’s electrifying sounds of the underground

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