JTC Guitar Luca Mantovanelli Fusion Essentials Masterclass: Advanced [TUTORIAL]

Advance your fusion soloing to the next level, with Luca’s advanced Fusion Essentials Masterclass. It’s time to bring out the big-guns!

Luca Mantovanelli rolls with the best players in the world of fusion guitar, and in this final Masterclass volume you’ll learn how to roll with them too. Unlock the concepts reserved only for those that want to become the most advanced player they can be.

Using the 35 videos together with the detailed study guide, Luca takes you through a wide range of topics, from advanced string skipping and hybrid picking, to super-locrian and symmetrical scales. You’ll be guided through altered dominant scales, the modes of the major scale and melodic minor scales and its modes. You’ll also gain further practical insights into lydian dominant, diminished and whole-tone scales.

This Masterclass contains 35 exercises, 10 creative licks and a final full solo over the iconic harmony from Chick Corea’s ‘Spain’. You’ll also get fast and slow versions of the licks, 6 backing tracks and complete tab/notation.

From intensive work on arpeggios and bolstering your knowledge of the fretboard, to blazing fusion chops, mastering this material is going to make you a better fusion player.

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