JTC Guitar Luca Mantovanelli 20 Essential Pentatonic Licks: Box Set [TUTORIAL]

Learn to embrace the pentatonic scale for all its power as Luca shows you how to gradually level up your soloing across 60 licks using the five most famous notes on the fretboard. This box set also includes an exclusive full-length solo!

Set yourself up for success with 60 ultra-creative licks designed to get you moving through the pentatonic scale with heaps more conviction and confidence. This box set also contains a bonus full solo which comes with complete tab/notation and guide notes.

It all starts with the beginner package, focusing on essential groundwork and key focal points needed before moving forward to the intermediate and advanced packs. You’ll understand the “sound” of the pentatonic scale and how the blue note incorporates into it for a more vintage sound.

In the intermediate pack, you’ll break down pentatonic “boxes” which can sometimes hold us back from laying down a truly unique solo. There is also a strong focus on double stops, adding in slides, hybrid picking, and concentrating on rhythmic timing as well as phrasing.

The advanced licks really shine through when the time is taken to master them. Here, you’ll reap the rewards of all the hard work through the first two packs. You’ll learn about “double pentatonics”, liquid legato lines and lighting fast sextuplet phrases.

Included in this pack is an exclusive solo, 60 licks – played both fast and slow – 3 PDF guides, short, long and slow lick backings and full tab/notation.

Creative, technically challenging and packed full of takeaways to bring into your own playing. This collection will reinvigorate your love for the pentatonic scale and help you craft show-stopping solos with ease.

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