JTC Guitar Gianluca Ferro Heavy Rock Masterclass [TUTORIAL]

Drag the golden era of 90’s rock into the new age. A fresh perspective that adds a futuristic sound to the classic sound of heavy rock. Rippin’ licks, modern melodies and a wave of exotic head turning lessons await.

In this juggernaut release, Gianluca shares his intricate techniques and approaches across four hard and heavy tracks. Each track is riff heavy and packed with attitude, and it’s Gianluca’s mission to help you channel that attitude into killer soloing lines.

Utilising a collection of gold tier concepts, you’ll shred your way through the blues scale, minor pentatonic and even delve into the dorian mode as you forge your way through each lick and exercise. Break out the big bends, pinch harmonics, intervals and wizard-like tapping passages to create something modern, heavy, and refined.

You’ll first learn exercises designed to be a base camp of operations. Then, begin your ascent with longer form licks, designed to build up stamina and muscle memory. It all ends with a final full solo named “Piercing the Storm”, stitching together all the key ideas and concepts in one performance.

This release includes 30 exercises, 18 licks, select slow exercises and licks, full solo, four backings, full tab/notation, PDF study guide and GP files.

Slingshot a classic era of music into today. Take on blues rock shredding, heavy riff rocking and lighting fast tapping phrases and embrace the marriage of old and new.

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