Jonnywood Polymedia WAV

delve into the infinite world of polymedia and discover the many different sound-gradients that this kit has to offer. a sonic labyrinth, to get lost and found in :

on this path through the endless depths of polymedia, you’ll hear a lot of things you haven’t heard before, feel things you haven’t felt and discover new things about your sonic identity in the process.

In an attempt to make this kit as versatile as possible while also maintaining the cohesive nature of all of my previous releases, i’ve put a lot of emphasis on organization and labels with this one.

featuring an extensive range of different perc-categories, effects and textures. + a huge amount of lush claps, organic rims, shakers and other driving elements to add more color to your production.

300 wavs in total. – specs in detail – 72 clps rms snrs. – 45 kcks tms. – 64 prcs. – 35 808 bss. – 37 hts shrs pnhts. – 47 txtrs fxs. – infrasounds™

enjoy. – )

Download link