Jonnywood Biotic Materials WAV

Jonnywood Biotic Materials WAV

prepare to embark on a transcendental exploration through three mesmerizing categories: percussive-, harmonic-, and operative-materials. — each of the three categories serves a unqiue purpose, but when combined, they create a gateway to a sonic realm beyond your imagination.

the percussive section features a wide range of essential elements such as : hihats, open hats, kicks, snares, rims, claps and various percussion sounds.

the harmonic category is all about tonal content such as 808s, basses, one shots, phrases, tonal textures and pads that fuction as a great starting point or as a way to add further character.

the operative section includes an assortment of textures, dynamic drum loops, texture loops, and effects to enhance anything you’re working on.

240 sounds in total ::::: © jonnywood


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