Innoy Djembe-Marocain Afrobeat [WAV MIDI]

Traveling to Moroccan culture in the heart of Africa, Innoy returns to you again with pure Moroccan sounds, and Moroccan musical instruments that will make your compositions distinctive and unique.Beginning with the city of Essaouira where Gnawa music is popular, we picked up some percussion rhythms, from the famous karkab instrument, and some basslines from the well-known musical instrument Guembri.

Arriving in the city of Marrakesh, where you will feel the Amazigh and Arab Moroccan culture through the darbouka and the Moroccan flute. And then to the ancient city of Fez, where instruments such as the Oud and the Qanun are most prevalent. We have selected all the sounds very carefully, so that you can travel to Morocco without leaving your seat.

Product Details:

  •  +89 Melody & Drums Loops
  •  +28 Melody
  •  +61 Drums Loops
  •  +29 MIDI Files
  •  +106 One Shot
  •  +320 Samples One Shot
  •  +19 FX
  •  *Bonus 10 Moroccan Samples*

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Demo Preview: