Innovation Sounds Emotional Melodic Techno Rampage & Serum Drone [WAV MIDI FXP]

Step into the world of melodic techno with the “Emotional Melodic Techno Rampage + Serum Drone Presets” pack, your ultimate toolkit for producing deep, emotive tracks that resonate on a profound level. Crafted for creators seeking to push the boundaries of genre and emotion, this pack offers a rich palette of sounds inspired by the leading lights of the contemporary techno scene.

Inspired by Techno Maestros: Drawing directly from the essence of the genre’s most visionary artists, this collection embodies the spirit and innovation of techno titans like Omnya, Monolink, Cassian, Argy, Miss Monique, Stephan Bodzin, Mind Against, and an array of others shaping today’s Beatport techno top 100. Imbue your tracks with the depth, emotion, and technical brilliance characteristic of these influential producers.

A Complete Production Arsenal: With 300 meticulously curated files, including 24-bit WAV samples, MIDI loops, and Serum presets, this pack is designed for seamless integration with any DAW, requiring XFer Serum 1.33 or higher for the presets. The diverse and high-quality sounds within are 100% royalty-free, ensuring your creative journey is both exhilarating and unrestricted.

What’s Inside:

  • 20 Synth WAV Loops & 20 MIDI Loops: Melodic lines and harmonies to define your track’s emotional core
  • 20 Stab Loops: Sharp, dynamic stabs to punctuate and energize
  • 30 Bass WAV Loops & 15 MIDI Loops: Deep, driving basslines that are the heartbeat of any techno track
  • 15 Kick Loops: The foundation of your rhythm section, versatile and punchy
  • 40 Top Loops: Intricate hi-hat and cymbal patterns to elevate your groove
  • 25 FX and Background Loops: Textural layers to add depth and interest
  • 50 Drum Loops: Diverse rhythms to kickstart your beat-making process
  • 15 Low Pad Loops: Atmospheric pads for creating space and mood
  • 15 Clap Loops: Crisp claps to accentuate your beat
  • 20 Percussion Loops: Rhythmic diversity to add complexity and flair
  • 15 Serum Drone Presets: Evocative, atmospheric drones to enrich your tracks with a sense of space and depth

Craft Your Next Techno Anthem: The “Emotional Melodic Techno Rampage + Serum Drone Presets” pack invites you to explore new horizons of musical expression. Whether you’re constructing deep, introspective tracks or energetic dancefloor anthems, this collection provides the building blocks for your creative vision to flourish. Dive in and let the emotional melodic journey begin.

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