Icebreaker Audio Akebono Collection [KONTAKT]

The Akebono (literal translation: “Dawn”) Koto Synth was probably released sometime in the mid-1980s. Detailed information in English is scarce, as it was never intended for use by western musicians. It re-creates a number of traditional Japanese instrument sounds using a combination of samples and digital synthesis. Designed primarily as a Koto practice instrument, Akebono uses buttons instead of piano keys, has a joystick for pitch and volume modulation, and a speaker built into the suitcase.

What’s Included?

  • 15 instruments that include plucked, percussive and wind
  • Plucked and wind both use keyswitches to mimic the articulation buttons on the original hardware
  • Percussion mapping which mimics the original hardware and makes it easier to play repeating patterns on the same drum
  • 4 different effects: Tape, EQ, Mod (chorus) and Echo
  • Choose either mono or poly voice modes
  • 7 mic positions of the speaker using a rare Thuresson CM402 and direct line out samples. You can choose direct, speaker or a mix of both
  • Kontakt 6.4.2 or higher

Impulse Responses
In order to fully recreate the authentic sound of this unique instrument, several impulse responses of the speaker were recorded at a variety of microphone positions and configurations. A rare Thuresson CM402 microphone was used for the recordings, and a total of 7 microphone configurations/positions are available in the custom designed Kontakt interface. The instrument samples were recorded from a direct line out. You can opt to use the direct signal, the speaker signal, or a mix of both.

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