How to make you strings more realistic [TUTORIAL]

A course covering the fundamental principles underpinning how to program Virtual orchestral libraries stringed instruments for maximum realism from a violinists perspective. where to find good free strings sounds and a free download of string blocks samples created by Sovra with a demo on how to use them.

This course covers all the fundamental elements you need to understand what you are trying to re create and how different types of strings libraries cover different elements and how it is evolving. It also covers how to use and mix in and layer a real player over your virtual instruments should you end up in that situation.If you are not a string player yourself the whole underlying principles can be missed and things end up not sounding as they should but you don’t know why. This shows the principles of what certain string librarys can do well and others cant and what overall needs to be recreated in order for the strings to sound the most real.

  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Configure midi sliders
  • Vibrato and dynamics
  • Beds
  • Free resources for lovely sounds and demo of them
  • Spiccato
  • How to blend in and record real strings
  • How to use the free strings blocks included in the course
  • Phrase libraries and where they are useful
  • Microphones and angles recording a string player
  • Brief introduction to Kontakt
  • Conclusion
  • Free download of strings blocks (which is used within Logic Pro)

Download link