HOUSE OF WAVES Music Library Blocks (Compositions & Stems) [WAV]

HOUSE OF WAVES Music Library Blocks (Compositions & Stems) [WAV]

Introducing “Blocks” – the powerful second sample pack collaboration from Deep Watters, Rosco, and Jason Iyama, designed to provide you with the building blocks for your music production. Explore 10 brand new, dark compositions meticulously crafted to be open and versatile, inspiring and fueling your next musical masterpiece.

Dive into the depths of Blocks, where you’ll discover a captivating blend of moody textures, haunting melodies, and gripping rhythms that will seamlessly integrate into your production workflow. Immerse yourself in a world of emotion, atmosphere, and intensity that will elevate your music and set you apart from the rest.

Perfect for both experienced producers and newcomers, Blocks offers a unique collection of sounds that will unlock your creativity and help you construct your next hit. Don’t miss out on this exclusive sample pack from the innovative trio of Deep Watters, Rosco, and Jason Iyama – it’s time to start building with Blocks!

With Jason being an gifted musician/composer, Rosco an accomplished music producer from San Diego and Watters a seasoned music producer from the Bay Area, their skillsets create a sound that is both unique and versatile—from eerie backdrops and classic vibes to memorable chords and catchy melodies.

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  • All samples are labeled with tempo and key
  • All samples are compatible with any DAW software (Ableton, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, etc.)

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