Hijo De Ramon Music Library 22 "Sonic Halllucinations" (Compositions & Stems) WAV

Hijo De Ramon Music Library 22 “Sonic Halllucinations” (Compositions & Stems) WAV

HDR is happy to bring you 10 new compositions composed by Grammy Award Winning Producer and Musician Adrian Quesada, Co-Founder of psychedelic soul band Black Pumas.

Quesada’s deep musical history has seen him producing and performing in projects spanning funk, soul, psychedelia, and diverse strands of Latin music. He has performed with artists such as Prince, GZA, Los Lobos, Kali Uchis, among many others.

His most recent projects include Boleros Psicodélicos, a collaborative album recapturing the sound and feel of romantic Latin ballads of the ’60s and ’70s with featured vocals by Gaby Moreno, iLe, Girl Ultra, and more, and Jaguar Sound, an instrumental album that honors his foundational inspirations of hip-hop and cinematic scores. No matter the band or the style, Quesada’s guitar playing and production style has a distinctive sound and collaborative spirit that have led to awards and respect from fellow artists, who line up eagerly to take part in his projects.

Recorded using all live instruments including guitars, bass, electric pianos, Mellotron, Arp Solina String machine, Hammond Organ, MCI Guitorgan using analog, transformer and tube based preamps and compressors. Processed through MCI JH 110 1″ tape machine, Mixed through Collins broadcast console to Ampex 440 1/4″ tape machine.

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